Phoenix, AZ

May 25th, 2019

He told Hailey that he had to meet someone at the last minute and was out the door only a few minutes later. The kids would be fine, she was home, and all was well on that front. What wasn’t well was the fact that Edith was still alive, and obviously very pissed off. How Jess had managed to screw this one up he didn’t know, especially given that despite being military, Edith wasn’t much of a fighter and never had been even when she’d identified as a male.

His contact met him at the local Thriftway just ten minutes from home, pulling up in a luxury sedan that looked as though it had seen a few rough years. It was nondescript and average enough however that it would pass muster as he’d wanted.

“How far out is she?” asked the driver, a younger man in his late 20’s that Tyrone had worked with a few times now.

“When she called I’m assuming she was still out on 89. That would mean that if she’s headed this way and still has Jess’s phone that she’ll be only a half hour out at best.”

“I picked up the tools you wanted. You taking the shot or am I?”

“When did you last visit the range?”

The other man, he didn’t want to know his name, made ‘tsking’ sound as he said, “About two months back.”

“I’ll be taking the shot then,” Tyrone answered, “Let’s go.”

“You’ve got the trace?”

“I had it before I left. Now hit it.”

And just like that, the guy hit the gas and they were off.

It was time to ghost Edith for good.

(to be concluded)

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