Puerto Ricans lay lifeless, homes remain covered in tarps, people remain displaced, and there is no recovery in near sight. America’s handling of Hurricane Maria has been utterly incompetent, inhumane, and self serving. Anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 American citizens are dead as a result of the natural disaster. And our federal government has failed to provide adequate resources to American citizens and continue to so do in the wake of another hurricane season. Puerto Rico sadly shows the incompetence of the federal government which occurs far too often. 

It is time to grant statehood or independence in Puerto Rico. Despite their American citizenship we clearly do not treat Puerto Ricans as such. If we are to keep Puerto Rico as our colony then we should have the decency to ensure that this island, which has a greater population than Wyoming, Rhode Island, and Alaska combined has access to the same basic services as those living in the states. It is the simple and sad truth, Puerto Ricans upon the island are second-class citizens that are unable to vote for their federal leaders.

At least there was a reasonable effort and long term acknowledgement of Hurricane Katrina. However, the TV news groups have already tossed the Puerto Rican people to the side as if they do not matter. 

And Trump simply wanted to ensure that Maria would not be his Katrina. Trump simply wanted to wash the blood of the island off his hands and did. George Bush received rightful hoards of back-lash for Katrina, but most of the media has been silent on Trump’s disastrous handling of Maria. Trump tossing toilet paper to desperate Puerto Ricans like he’s Ray Allen still irks me. Truly, Trump views the Puerto Ricans as unimportant, as if they are simply props in his eyes used to make him look good. Trump does not care if American citizens die, as he’d rather tweet about kneeling NFL players. 

Currently, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders have proposed a sort of Marshall plan in Puerto Rico which I am on board with if it ends with Puerto Rico as a US state or a self sufficient, independent nation. Puerto Ricans are just as American as Floridians, Ohioans, Texans, Oregonians, and so on. But we are not granting basic protections or rights to our own citizens which are still Americans ideals of liberty and justice. 

        September 14th update, Puerto Rico was acknowledged for a day on Twitter mostly, however it was mostly used as a tool to attack Trump rather than help people. And once again Trump deflected blame by attempting to discredit multiple studies and using Lou Dobbs as a prop. 

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