Portland, OR

Jan. 23rd, 2019

“Crows are interesting Aunt Mae,” Amaya said, still watching the dark avian circle in the near distance.

“Bah,” she said with a wave of her hand, “They’re nuisance birds in neighborhoods. They terrorize fish ponds and eat whatever garbage is lying around. In the wild they might be useful for eating dead things but here they’re just pests.”

“That’s not nice,” Amaya said, still watching the bird, “They’re very intelligent birds. And they’re used a lot in mythology.”

Aunt Mae smiled at her, “I see someone’s been reading a bit eh? Norse mythology maybe, or something a little bit on the religious side? Are you going to channel Odin or something?

“Odin had ravens,” Amaya said, her voice soft and barely audible, “Crows are different.”

“You’re right,” she said, plucking a berry from the bowl that sat between them, “Ravens are much bigger and more well-respected.” Amaya didn’t speak again, though as her eyes flashed a dangerous crimson her aunt didn’t notice, nor did she seem to notice that another crow had joined the first. The two began to circle one another, their wings flapping for a bit before they found a pleasing updraft.

“Do you know what a group of crows is called?” Aunt Mae asked.

Amaya nodded, her voice distant as she replied, “A murder.”

“You’re a smart girl,” her aunt said with a grin. That grin faded slightly as she seemed to be thinking of something. Amaya did her best not to look at Aunt Mae, as that would only make what was about to occur even worse. But as she refused to look it still happened.

The whispers that told her things she didn’t want to know returned, and deep down inside she felt like screaming.

(to be continued)


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