Did you see ‘The Night of’?! I thought the guy from ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’ was awesome. He was funny and clever and cool and all so individual. It was a great way of showing how the millennial generation is surpassing the conventional power structures that come with race and becoming similar across all races. Kids are watching the same stuff and reading the same books. So they are learning to be the same kind of human beings as well.

With the dawn of ‘male side’ of #MeToo movement; the ideology of harassment surpassed gender roles. It was seen as a huge blow to feminists but I do not really understand why. Do we want to own harassment now? Aren’t we sharing unfair treatment with minorities and marginalized individuals all over the world to begin with? But here we are, acting like our sad scars that look the same on every skin are all our own. We act like they belong to us and owning them has some deeper meaning. Does it though? Processing your past and working through your pain will definitely have a greater impact but does owning come in any shrink’s advice? Will anyone every tell you to own the worst of what happened and that will help you soar to the sky?
Sadly that idea is propagated for women alone and mostly by the feminist clan. We act like me and my pain will fix everything. I have always felt like that is a woman only trait. Like men will never try to own their pains instead they will generalize them. They will say that the pains are a pattern. They will team up and show statistics that will present the injustice as a pattern for all to see.

Perhaps that culture comes from the fact that men are the founders of human society. They inherently know how society works, how it processes pain and how to make the best of the situation that they are in. They are good at it because they have been at it for a few centuries. Women came to the proverbial table a bit late and had a deeply rooted sense of individuality. They instinctively believed that if they act like a herd and never stand out then they will have a hard time getting recognition in a society of men.

Again, sorry for over obsessing but I have never seen a man say that either. A man will not generall9y try to stand out at all. How many movies have you seen in which all the guys are wearing the exact same suit? Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve or Thirteen anyone?! They have no problem dropping their individuality completely and becoming a part of the pack if it serves their purpose.

Again, the complete acceptance and even cherish of the mass in them can be traced back to civilization. Wars demand that millions of the same gender wear the same dress and fight another mass that is also wearing the exact same uniform. This is where this complete comfort in giving up their individuality may be coming from.

The same civilization pushed women to see themselves as the house maker; individuals who had full control over their households. They all try to make their own homes different from the other home. Women are still at it even though it is thoroughly hilarious. We all go to the same shops, to buy the same stuff that comes in the same range of colors. You can go for different but rest assured there are only so many ways you can shuffle the same stuff.

Every woman is given this story that they are the queens of their households. It’s all well and good but I do not understand why being the queen will keep them from conformity. Are Kings all over the world not conforming to their surroundings? Why would we want to feel different from our own breed and clan?!

It is a scientific fact that if a personality trait persists through three generations straight; it becomes a part of that generation’s gene code. If all the women in the world have persistently aimed to be unique for hundreds f years; isn’t it possible that the trait will become a part of gene code?
This is not a sermon but a rant! Just your regular food for thought!


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