Phoenix, AZ

May 25th, 2019

3 hours later….

Do you think God will ever forgive us?

Those words kept hammering at the back of his mind as he sat staring at nothing despite having the ballgame on. The kids were either taking a nap or playing in other parts of the house and his wife was out at the gym. This was the kind of time he took to himself to simply relax and think about things that might be bothering him.

Right now he was waiting for a call from Jess to hear whether Edith or the hitman had been found. And yet he was thinking repeatedly about what Jess had asked him. Would God forgive them? Why in the world would he ask such a question? Of course He wouldn’t. They’d crossed the line more than once in their time with one another no matter if they’d never pulled the trigger on anyone themselves. He had doubts as to whether Jess could even bring himself to do such a thing. It was easy to talk about it, to joke about it, but doing it was something completely different.

He’d found that out some time ago.

The sound of the front door being opened alerted him to the fact that his wife was home, no doubt tired and in need of a shower. Normally that might excite him, but right now it was enough that he managed to let go of his problems for the time being.

“Hey babe,” she said, walking into the living room as she leaned over the couch to give him a kiss on the lips. “Have you been watching the news?”

“You know I don’t watch that stuff,” he replied, “It’s too depressing.”

She snorted lightly, “I know, I know but Jackie texted me at the gym. She’s worried that she hasn’t seen Edith for a couple of days now and she was watching the news when she saw the report on the 22-year old that was supposedly found and then went missing again just a little while ago.”

“Wait, what?” he asked, affecting a look of confusion, “Someone took him again?”

She shrugged in response, “All anyone knows is that he was admitted to the ICU and somehow he was gone early this morning.”

“From the ICU?” he asked, his tone deadpan.

“Yep. I’m going to go take a shower, I smell.” And that was the end of the conversation as she walked off. No doubt she would bring it up again, but he couldn’t help but be impressed. No sooner had she left the room however his cell phone chirped at him, indicating that he had a call. As he thumbed the screen to life he managed a grin and a slight shake of his head.

“Jess you tricky bastard,” he muttered, hitting the green SEND button to answer.

(to be continued)


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