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People want to talk all the time about evil and what it means to be evil and yet few if any individuals ever really nail down the idea of what it is. You want to know evil? It’s not the super villain that has a vendetta against a hero. It’s not the troubled individual that shoots up a school or a theater or anything else with a decided purpose in mind.

It’s the person that has no reason and doesn’t feel the need for one.

The pure, unadulterated evil that lies within the heart of every individual somewhere, lurking in the shadows, just waiting for its moment, is the real devil that lives within everyone. Many will claim they don’t have an evil bone in their body, but honestly all it takes is the right trigger, the right amount of pressure, and the right circumstances.

Evil doesn’t need a reason, and that’s why it’s so much scarier in real life than in fiction, where there are boundaries.

The evil in some will never awaken, and this is fortunate.

Some folks don’t believe they have mean bone in their body and this is great, but it’s also a product of a lot of denial and of a willful act to suppress whatever negativity they might hold deep inside. It’s there, but they choose to ignore it, not focus on it, or believe that they have it well under control. However it works for a person is great, but it’s always there. We’re human after all.

Real evil isn’t easy to spot.

Some of the most evil people in the world are those that have been able to smile, laugh, and blend in with society. They don’t follow conventional rules and they don’t take into account just what they’re doing when they decide to harm others. It’s the process of “I want to do it so I’m going to do it and that’s enough.” People want to believe and just HAVE to believe that there’s a reason because, quite honestly, the idea that a person could flip and become inherently evil without any cause is just too terrifying.

There’s no trigger that causes real evil.

There are triggers that release it, triggers that make it worse, but in terms of the fact that it’s there nothing can be done to rid it absolutely. People might argue that kids don’t know how to hate and don’t know what hate is even about aside from being a reaction brought on by fear of a certain stimulus. But then again people buy PC’s and don’t realize they have certain programs until there’s a need for them. We’re born with the different elements of emotion that make us who we are.

A lot of successfully block out this part of our personalities, but the scary thing is that some don’t want to.

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