Some moments in life are cheapened by a win, or destroyed by a failure. Some would claim that looking beyond those moments and claiming that they were learning experiences is a way to justify the fact that they lost. In some ways they might be right, if that’s all it was used for. But losing in life is not the worst thing that could ever happen, it’s the failure, or refusal, to learn from the effort that was made. A lot of people like to quote Thomas Edison and how he created the light bulb. Some people even like to take the hard-nosed approach that says “Do, or do not, there is no try.” Honestly I’d rather insist that efforts made are not efforts wasted.

We’re all going to fail in life at one point or another, it’s inevitable and it will happen whether you like it or not. But the effort we put into life is a big part of what makes it worth it, because the effort is our rallying cry that what we’re working towards IS worth it. If it wasn’t then we’d be deluding ourselves with each and every breath. Life would cease to mean anything and the very world we know would be pointless. Effort of any sort is never wasted since it’s what keeps us moving forward and keeps us hoping that this effort or that one will make all the difference in our lives.

Any effort that is given towards a goal that one has in mind is not wasted. It’s giving no effort at all that becomes the waste.


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