Phoenix, AZ

May 25th, 2019

“So where is he then?” Jess asked, picking up his drink as he did.

“Last I spoke to him, he was just north of Prescott and was going to be heading up 89.”

“You believe him?”

He nodded. The kid had been found at the outskirts of Prescott in a shallow creek, barely alive and clinging to consciousness just long enough to yell for help, as the news reports had stated over and over. The hitman had been spotted, but just barely, making his getaway up the 89 freeway in an old Jeep Wrangler that he’d likely ditched by now if he was smart. Of course, seeing how he left the kid alive he wasn’t all that bright.

“We’ll get someone on him then,” Jess replied, “What about Edith?”

“What about Edith?” Tyrone asked in return, rolling his shoulders as he looked squarely at Jess, “I gave specific orders, and he didn’t follow them.”

“She, he, whatever, has been ghosted,” Jess said pointedly, “Those were the orders you gave us.”

“The kid was supposed to be ghosted too,” Tyrone said by way of reminder, “Who’s to say that Edith might not pop back up?”

“You want us to get a little rough and ask him about it?” Jess asked, pulling out a cell phone from his pocket. Like many others it was a prepaid phone that couldn’t be easily traced and would be destroyed after this use.

“Do what you do,” Tyrone said, standing to his feet, “Just make sure it gets done.”

“Will do,” Jess said with a nod as he started looking through his phone for the right number, “Hey, hold up.” Tyrone looked at him as he stopped for a moment.

“Do you think God will ever forgive us for the things we do?”

Tyrone though for just a moment on this, as he’d given it plenty of thought over the years.

“Worry about that when the time comes.”

(to be continued)

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