Lake Merwin, WA

April 22nd, 2021

“Is it…what?” He was having a hard time breathing at that moment, his vision was even clouding slightly as he stumbled forward a step.

A loud banging came from the front door. Looking in that direction he could see a dark shape pressed against the translucent, pebbled window, looking in and trying to see him.

“I, I’m gonna, call the cops kid, this ain’t funny.”

“No it’s not,” the kid replied, “I think those folks want their trailer back. You know, my half-uncle and his family?”

“No,” he wheezed, “No, this is, is my, mine…”

“Don’t you dare die on me old man, don’t you dare. You’ve got payback comin’, and we mean to collect more than we’ve already taken.”

“N-no,” he croaked.

“DAD!” roared a male voice outside, “Open this door you old buzzard!”

He could just barely hear a feminine voice asking the man to keep it down, to which the man replied in a murmur he couldn’t fully understand.

“It’s payback time old man,” the kid said, an obvious grin in his tone, “You can pass out now.”

He wanted to rant and rave, he wanted to call the kid every dirty word he knew, but the distinctive click of the call being disconnected reached him as he thought to throw the phone as hard as he could. Unfortunately all he managed was to fall forward, his knees striking the floor hard enough to hurt as his chest and then his forehead struck the floor soon after.

After that he was out, his last thought being that he’d slipped up somewhere.

But how?

The End

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