Image says a lot about people, places, and even countries. What the image of America says to the world in this case is that we’re not exactly living up to our name these days. Blame whoever you want, be it Trump, the Democrats, even Colin Kaepernick if you want to go that far. Do you want to know something that many people don’t tend to think about?

Our image isn’t who we’re led by, it’s how we act as a nation.

Unfortunately our nation at this time is as divided as it’s ever been.

This is sad to say since tomorrow, the 11th, we’ll need to stand together as we so rarely do just to remember the tragedy that struck so many years ago. The wounds have been healed over in a physical sense, but the memory of what, and who, was lost on that fateful day should remind people that Americans lost a great deal, not just one race or another, but Americans in general. The image that we represented after that insult to our country was one of grief, of horror, and eventually of anger. In short, the perpetrators managed to unify America for one shining moment, and for a short time we became the nation that we’ve always wanted to be. Sadly that moment passed very quickly.

Our overall image is one that stands divided.

We like to say “divided we fall” and unfortunately we are falling at this time, perhaps to rise again stronger and better than ever before, or perhaps to continue falling. While Trump’s presidency has in fact yielded some positive results his continued behavioral issues have caused the schism that already existed in America to widen as time has gone by. We are just barely a nation that stands together at this point, and the scales are tipping dangerously some days.

Ironically, we WANT to unite, but can’t seem to find the connection between the different members of the nation that can’t reconcile with one another.

It’s very easy to speak about acceptance and the need to band together as fellow Americans in this era. But all parties involved must come to a compromise at the very least when it comes to getting along and remaining as equal as we possibly can. The problem is that no one wants to bend, no matter if they want to unite.

We want a nation we can be proud of, and one whose image is that of a united front. Right now that’s just not happening.

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