That made him pause for a moment, though his feet kept moving. The voice of course seemed to sense his confusion and was quick to pipe up.

“Now you could turn around any time you want, but you probably won’t. South of Hell I can’t really do anything, since you’re out of the jurisdiction of either realm at this point.”

He stopped. It was such a simple thing really, to stop moving, but in so many cases it could lead to a serious and very fatal conclusion. He’d been tempted to stop walking the moment he’d gotten here, wherever here was, but now that he looked around, he suddenly realized that things were very, very different.

The hellscape that has surrounded him was gone, as were the dark red and orange hues that had been so prevalent since his arrival. The ground was cool to the touch, almost wintry in fact as he shuddered slightly.

“Yeah, about that. This far away from the heat things are going to be a lot cooler. It won’t be icy or even uncomfortable, but it will still take some getting used to.”

Looking ahead he could see cool blue skies, lush, verdant grasslands for miles without end, and a dark ribbon of road that ran on towards the horizon, seemingly without reaching a terminus of any sort.

“What’s down that way?” he asked.

“I’m not sure,” the voice replied, “You’re really only one of the few that hasn’t turned around in all the time I’ve been at this post. The others either turned or wouldn’t speak to me. And this is as far as I go.”

“But-” he said, finally turning around as he ignored the alarms going off in his head. The inner warning that he would be struck down the moment he turned was silenced as he saw nothing but the same behind him, the same winding, twisting road that ran through the miles upon miles of green grass blowing in an unseen wind.

“South of Hell,” the voice said, “is where you get to decide where you want to go. It’s a bit of a walk I’ve heard for most people until they make up their mind, but I’ve also heard it’s worth it.”

He turned around again, feeling the sudden breeze that wafted up against him, ruffling his clothing and his hair as he managed a mild grin. The voice didn’t come again as he started walking once more, already thinking of what he might like to see, and who, and what he would like to spend his eternity doing.

The End

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