It’s been said that white people have no culture, and while there are white cultures that have not been easy to take or to even stomach for the most part there have been some moments throughout history that have been seen to prove that this is a lie. Now granted, the culture that we as Americans have cultivated is one that we shouldn’t be entirely proud of since our ancestors did manage to create a nation built off of a great many atrocities that somehow their descendants are still being asked to pay for, and that a lot of us can’t remember because of one immutable fact: we weren’t there when it happened.

The idea of an entire ethnic race not having culture is a bit short-minded, especially as we live in a rather mixed bag in this old world where many people come from many different walks of life and, hold the phone, many different CULTURES.

Yes Americans do tend to set a bad example at times when it comes to culture since it would seem our main culture is commercialism and consumerism that devastates and detracts from the lives we wish to lead. But if all a person sees is the negativity and crap that comes from the lack of a well-defined culture then seeing the good that might come from opening peoples’ eyes will be lost (cough, cough, Loreena Wallace, cough, cough).

We might not have a very positive culture overall but white people do come from culture and do seek it in many different ways. We don’t always seek to usurp what we consider to be favorable, though it is true that too many of us do treat it with indifference or the disrespect that isn’t deserved. But once again, if you’re only willing to look at and point out the negatives then the positives will elude you entirely no matter how much you want to look at them.

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