Phoenix, AZ

May 25th, 2019

“It’s the same kid that Edith was going with,” Hailey said before taking a drink of her coffee. Putting the mug down she added, “Jackie said that Edith didn’t come home last night either.”

“And that’s a bad thing?”

Hailey rolled her eyes at him, “Don’t joke. This is a rough time for Jackie.”

He shrugged in return, “I get it, but maybe it’s best that they’re not together right now. It’ll let Jackie and Jamie relax and figure things out for however long Edith is gone.”

Hailey gave him one of her measuring looks as she did sometimes when she was trying to figure out if he was being smart with his words or if he was really being straight with her. She was able to detect when he was telling a falsehood sometimes, it was simply uncanny. But this time he wasn’t going to crack.

“I know she needs to get away from Edith,” Hailey said in an almost sulking tone, “But I’d rather they not have to go through a tragedy to do it.”

He said nothing, figuring it was best as he yawned and stretched, his fingertips brushing the ceiling as Hailey smiled at him finally.


“Don’t be jealous,” he replied.

*                      *                         *

1 hour later….

Hailey was off at the park with the kids and that gave him all the time he needed to make the call that his associate on the other end was likely waiting for. She’d decided to take a walk with the girls to keep her mind off of Edith and the problems she was making for Jackie and Jamie, and had said she’d be back when the girls tuckered out. That could be anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour, so he had time.

Taking out the phone he used for these occasions, an old flip phone that was secure and easily disposable if he needed it to be, Tyrone pressed a single number on the phone and watched it light up as the number dialed. It took only one ring for the person on the other end to pick up.

“It’s done then?” Tyrone asked.

“It’s done,” came the reply, “Trophies?”

“Not this time,” he replied, “Just make sure she’s not found, ever.”

“Are you doubting me now?” said the man on the other end. Tyrone didn’t reply, hitting the END button before the other man spoke again.

(to be continued)

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