September 6th 2018 
Ballsy move, Cory Booker. You released classified emails with information on nominated judge Kavanaugh. With this, Cory Booker has broken Senate rules though he falsely claims that releasing this email did not break Senate rules. So I should rephrase myself, what a c**t move Cory Booker has made.  

Everyone knows Cory Booker pulled this move so he can create a victim narrative for his 2020 run. This man has been prepped and pruned for this run; all he needed was something to get people onto the Booker train. Congrats, you f****d over New Jersey voters for national spotlight you penis-head looking f**k. 
Now Cory, I am not on Kavanaugh’s side, he is a Republican yes-man who thinks the law is a tool to make his opinion the rule. Those classified emails should have been released, because I and the American people would really like to know about the guy who is going to be appointed to a lifetime position in the federal government. 

But Cory, you did not have to lie or release the emails yourself. You could have sent the emails to the New York Times, The Post, hell I would’ve released those emails for you. The job could have gotten done with your indirect involvement but you needed to hog the glory because you are as power hungry as Hillary Clinton. 

We know this move does not screw up your career it just hurts New Jersey voters who have just lost their senator. I hope Republicans don’t vote you out of Congress and screw up your victim narrative. Booker you are a worm that belongs in the Senate, you lie as often as you inhale. Although being a secretary for Richard Nixon’s ghost would also suit you well.   
At this point I’d rather vote for Ben Carson and I can’t even hear what he is saying. I’ve already decided I am voting for Vermin Supreme unless Bernie Sanders runs. These politicians are all power junkies addicted to even the slightest touch of a spotlight. 

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