Lake Merwin, WA

April 22nd, 2021

He was chuckling as he pulled into the far dock, shaking his head as he tied off, and then in a positively jovial mood as he made his way along the dock and up the ramp towards where he had one of his many cars locked and ready to go with one the many keys he had on him at all times. Selecting it from the ring he opened up the door to his Toyota, a nice little two-seater that was easy to maintain and didn’t cost much, and whistled as a wave of heat came rolling out at him.

Slipping in behind the wheel he cranked the window down as he fired up the engine, still smiling as he closed the door and made for his other site on this side of the lake. If his vengeful spawn over on the other side could see him so be it, they’d have a tough enough time finding him once he parked his truck and walked on over to his RV. There were enough public parking spaces around the site that he didn’t need to park right in front of his motorhome, he could park a good hundred yards away and throw them off the scent while relaxing in his mobile palace watching whatever struck his fancy and enjoying some quality snacks in the process.

He was prepared, he was too smart for those that might come after him, and that was just too damned bad for them. They’d thought to outsmart him, but for years now he’d been kind of expecting someone to come after him for something, and despite the fact that it was his bastard kids and their kids he wasn’t deterred from his lifestyle at this moment. He had plenty of boltholes to make his way towards where the accommodations would be more than adequate for his needs.

As he made his way into his RV, a 36-foot monster of rig that he should have owed roughly $100 thousand on still, he couldn’t suppress another chuckle as he closed the door firmly shut behind him, thinking of how slack-jawed the faces of those across the lake must have been when he just lit out without a care in the world. You’d have almost thought that had banked everything on finding him just waiting for them. It was true, he didn’t want to run anymore, but at this point it was a habit. And technically speaking he hadn’t run anywhere, he’d driven his boat across the lake and then walked from the docks to his truck where he’d then driven to a parking spot and walked from there to his camper.

There’d been no running involved.

He was still chuckling when his cell phone rang. But when he answered it with a “Hello?” his chuckles stopped pretty quickly.

(to be continued)

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