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Remember them the way they were, noble, strong, and true.

Grieve for now and love them always the way that they loved you.

They ran their race and lived their lives however they felt they must.

They left this world in our caring hands, their legacy in our trust.

Their pain is gone and now they’ve earned their final rest among the stars.

Long are the days and longer the nights when we wait for the time to be ours.

Don’t grieve your days into the dusk, be grateful you knew those that have passed.

They gave you hope and showed the way, but nothing in this world may last.

Our lives are quick, though the years pass by in a blink should we let it go.

Hold onto love, hold onto faith, and let your memories show.

They loved you once, they love you now, and over your life they’ll stand.

Till judgment comes and you meet them there, to walk with them hand in hand.

-remember those that have fallen, for they pave the way for those of us that remain.

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