Phoenix, AZ

May 23rd, 2019

“Just my guidance counselor,” he said smoothly, “She wants me to consider taking more than one course to get my stuff done and move on.”

“And are you going to?” she asked, sliding onto the bed in a seductive fashion “Are you going to get your ‘stuff’ done?” She smiled as she eyed him hungrily, her gaze traveling down his torso and lower until she found what she wanted.

“I suppose I am,” he said, letting her have her way. It was usually the best option.

*                         *                     *

May 24th, 2019

“I guess I’m still just really mad at her for bringing Jamie into this,” Hailey said, her hands lying atop the counter as she leaned into it, hips moving slightly as she shifted from one foot to the other. “She didn’t need to confuse her like that.”

Taking a drink from his mug of tea Tyrone could only nod as he felt his phone buzz in his pocket. They’d been talking about her friend Jackie and her daughter Jamie for a while now, since yesterday when it had been discovered that Jackie’s transgender wife, Edith, had decided to cheat on her and then drop the bomb that she wanted a divorce.

Edith had started her life out as Edward Mullnit, a former Navy man that had transferred over to the Air Force just a few years back. Jackie and Edward had been together for slightly longer than Tyrone and Hailey had, but their relationship had been a great deal rockier. Where Tyrone and Hailey had met online and even dated while she was still divorcing her first husband, an abusive bastard if ever there was one, Jackie and Edward had met in the service and fallen in love, or some approximation of it.

Neither of their home lives had been tenable, they’d both quarreled incessantly with their parents before being disowned, and they were both kind of screwed in the head. But Jackie had at least had one saving grace, and that had been that she and Hailey had had one another’s backs since they were teenagers, no matter how far apart they lived from one another. When Jackie had given birth to Jamie, Hailey had been there off and on for the first several months, flying back and forth as much as she could in order to be by her friend’s side.

But to hear that a marriage of twelve years was suddenly ending, which was the least of it to be honest, was kind of hard to imagine. Edith had even claimed that Jackie had raped her during sex, which was beyond ludicrous since she’d also claimed to be a straight transgender woman, which was hard to wrap his head around. After doing his research however he’d found that it was something that many people accepted as being valid, however hypocritical it seemed.

That wasn’t the issue however, the fact that Edith had found a 22-year old boy toy she, he, whatever, was attracted to and wanted to ruin her marriage for was. The issue was also that Edith and Edward had made Jackie’s life a living hell for the past 12 years apparently, and that Tyrone couldn’t abide. He didn’t get along with Jackie all the time but they were civil to each other and even laughed and joked with each other for Hailey’s sake.

To Tyrone, that meant that Jackie wasn’t to be hurt in any way, and it went double for her daughter Jamie. Essentially what that meant was that Edith had screwed up big time.

(to be continued)

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