Like it or not, we all wear masks from time to time in this life. It could be for the most innocent reason or it could be for the biggest cover-up in history. One way or another, we all don a mask now and again in order to deal with life. Very few, if any, individuals have ever gone through life without wearing one single mask that hides away their true intentions. Even those that are said to be noble, upright, and good will wear a mask from time to time in order to hide away what they do not wish others to see. Why do wear masks? There are many reasons, not the least of them which is to hide away that which we don’t want anyone else to see.

Some people live in this manner so that others will not take note of what lies beneath.

The mask is something that, to many people, is simply a way of life that is to be endured from day to day. They wear a mask to show the moods that people want to see, while inside they are suffering in ways that many know nothing about. Such people tend to hide away largely because they don’t believe that others will accept them for who they are and what they they are like. They put on a false face in order to be brave, to endure the world, and to make sure that others will accept the face they see. In this manner some people wear a mask for much of their lives without ever showing anyone what’s hidden underneath.

Some people do this to be duplicitous.

You’ve heard the term “two-faced” yes? Some people hide behind masks in order to scam their way through life. They wear a mask with one person to show them a face they believe will benefit them, while they wear another with a different person for the same reason. Those that do such a thing tend to be highly suspect and rather immoral in their dealings with others, though they almost always have a reason behind why they do this. The motives for doing such a thing could be pure or they could be horrendously skewed from an ethical standpoint. But there is almost always a reason.

The mask is typically a way to remain anonymous in a world where being named or identified can make one a walking target.

It’s more than just the movies where this happens. In life we tend to remain in whatever social strata we identify with largely because this is where we’re comfortable, where we feel we belong. But in being identified we tend to make targets of ourselves for others, which is why in some cases a persona can act as a mask, showing people one thing while away from the persona that person is someone else entirely. There’s little if any real duplicity here, and hardly ever will this be done to harm another, but there are times when the need for a mask in public so that one’s private life can remain anonymous is absolutely necessary.

We all wear masks at one point in life, only the reasons we use are different.

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