Lake Merwin, WA

April 22nd, 2021

“You’re unbelievable,” the kid said, making him grin just a bit as he stretched his arms out.

“So they tell me. Your grandmother did too.”

The kid’s eyes flew open with anger as he took a step towards the boat, but he didn’t come any further.

“You know I asked them to let me come out here first and try to talk to you. I said that maybe you weren’t that bad of a guy after all.”

He snorted in disdain, “Then you’re the only optimist in the bunch kid. That or your mother must have dropped you on your head.”

“Are you really this much of a prick?!” the kid yelled at him, looking as though he wanted to rush him at any moment. It could have been that he did, but as the boat rocked gently with the incoming waves he didn’t worry too much about it.

“Kid I’m too old to sit here and jaw with you. How long have I got until the rest of ’em get here?”

The kid looked back over his shoulder, still fuming as he nodded his head, “I can see a few of them coming now.” he turned back to offer a new line of insults but was suddenly caught off guard as the boat’s engine came to life with a deep, throaty rumble, “Hey!”

“Sorry kid,” he called out from behind the wheel, “But I’ve hit my bullshit quota for the day!”

“You said you were done running!” the kid howled as he tried to make his way along the dock, but thanks to a little nudge and too much speed he was having a hard time of it as the dock began to sway and roll with the added turbulence as he gunned the engine and, making sure no one was behind him, put it in reverse.

It wasn’t a good idea to take off like this in a docking area unless it was deep enough, and had he been a novice when it came to driving a speedboat he might have put the thing ashore and been stuck. But he knew his craft and he knew to throttle back and shift gears before pushing the engine again, waving to the kid as the young man flipped him off in turn.

Kids said the darndest things these days.

(to be continued)

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