We are born to joy, to noise and to the world we know

We’re given a gift that we must one day repay

When the time comes we know very well we must go

It’s lamented that we are not here to stay.

Our time is fleeting, we do what we can, we make our lives what they can be.

The time we are given is ours to do with what we will.

Life can be adventure, romance, comical, or a painful tragedy,

But one day we know the tear must spill.

We know the pain of this thing called life

We’ve known it since the first day we drew breath

Through the joy and the pain, the hope and the strife,

The final pain to be experienced is death.

We know it well, we fear it still, and we know it to be true

This force we cannot run from or bargain with mile by aching mile.

For all one can do when death comes on that fateful day for you.

Is meet its grin with a friendly smile.

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