Olympia, WA

December 14th, 2020

They’d found Terrence.

It hadn’t taken them all that long since she’d decided to douse both Terrence and his recliner in kerosene and then light a match. The blaze had gone on for quite a while as she’d seen on the news, but she had vacated the place the moment the fire had started. Illyana had taken her nail punch and hammer with her, as well as her boots. She’d dumped her clothes the moment she’d gotten home and had used bleach water to erase any stains that might have been found on each article of clothing. She’d been rather thorough with each piece and hadn’t missed a single centimeter.

The car she’d returned to the rental agency without a single story of why she’d needed the car for such a short time. If anything was going to trip her up this would, but it was the one risk that she couldn’t have covered that well. She’d thought of saying that her car was in the shop, or that she just needed some time to herself and didn’t want to use her car, but anything that she’d come up with in her own mind had sounded too suspicious. The good thing was that upon seeing the newscast this morning about a raging house fire in Walker’s Landing she had heard nothing about anyone seeing a strange car parked on the road, or a woman in a parka and boots striding out of the home like a lioness after a hunt.

Of course people wouldn’t have used such a description, but what she and her husband had heard was kind of comforting. Those few neighbors that had been interviewed about who Terrence was and how he lived had stated that after the trial and even before he’d been kind of closed off, a weird sort that didn’t really talk much. Even better had been the mementos that cops had found in his spare room, the ones that Illyana had only glanced at during halftime. What she’d seen on the walls and spread across the desk in the room had made her want to vomit, but thankfully she’d held it in.

The police had come knocking on their door of course since she’d been the prime suspect after it was deduced from the position that Terrence was found in that he’d been murdered. Her alibi was pretty simple. She’d been at home watching the game ever since the second quarter, and hadn’t left all night. She hadn’t been asked about the rental car yet, but it was surely just a matter of time, and she already had an excuse ready.

She’d thought she would need it since her car was making funny noises and it didn’t seem as though it might be in working condition. Her husband had looked at it, found it to be fine after a half-hour of tinkering with it, and she’d returned the car late last night after forgetting to do so earlier on. They had asked her if she knew anyone that might have any reason to harm Terrence, to which she replied, “If he did to anyone else’s daughter what he did to ours I’m sure there are parents that would have loved to see him suffer.”

Because death is never enough, the voice inside her head had chimed.

And she couldn’t agree more.

The End

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