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There are hundreds of platitudes that come to mind when death is the subject, especially when it’s come at the expense of the person speaking. But in many ways it is very selfish to think that death is a personal thing, that it is something that no one else knows about. Death is not impersonal, it is not personalized; it is the world beyond the one we know that is necessary for this world to exist. We don’t get to stay here forever, we don’t get to experience one century after another in succession, because that is not how humanity survives. To live forever is to continue to take up space in a world that is already growing too small for us as it is. To live forever is to deny that there is any worth in moving on from this place.

Death is a fearful thing for some people.

We’re afraid of leaving those we love behind, of what they will do, and how they will react to our passing. This is a very common and very valid concern since there’s no telling just how seriously someone will take the passing of another, or if they’ll attempt to join them in their own way. Yet for some it’s the fear of regret, of not having done enough in their life to be remembered for generations to come. Fear is what keeps many people in awe of death and the great beyond, as it’s been called.

Being afraid of something you know nothing about is natural, but it doesn’t halt the inevitable.

Death is a space saver.

That sounds awful in a way, but it is very honest. So many people exist in this world as it is that resources are already starting to be stretched thin in many places. It’s easy to speak from a land of plenty when there are others that are meeting with the dreaded specter for lack of proper nutrition and other resources. But tragic and horrifying as it can be, death is a natural force of this world that takes those that are both ready and unwilling to enter into the next world.

Is it a better place?

You can ask anyone and you’ll get a hundred different answers within the first hour when it comes to what happens after we die. Some say that nothing happens, that our spirit becomes the energy it was all along and transfers as energy always does, while others argue that we are are judged and go to heaven or hell. Others would have different ideas, and to be honest none of them are fully on board with what happens while all of them seem to have a handle on at least part of the process. It is necessary, that seems to be the general consensus.

It’s only lamented that we can’t always choose the time and place.

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