To sum Bob Woodward’s Fear, Donald Trump is a threat to national security, at least according to former and current members of the administration. But as Carl Bernstein correctly pointed out, Republicans will not go about a process to impeach the president. And why would they, it would be political suicide since many if not most Republican voters still have strong support for Trump or will at least vote for him. Plus there is no full proof of Trump committing a crime like there was with Nixon. 

These calls of impeachment have become a shot in the foot for Democrats, the more Trump’s impeachment is discussed the more it looks like conspiracy against the President. It is amazing that some have been able to write a narrative where Trump is a victim, and in this narrative, the Democrats look like sore vindictive losers.  

No matter how much controversy comes the way of the President, he will retain his base in the key states he has already won. This is just another controversy to add to the large and mostly forgotten pile. In fact, some conservatives have already shrugged off the book as fabricated such as human slimeball Newt Gingrich and James Mattis. 

However, Woodward’s work seems more than credible but still the Trump administration seems to be able to ward off any controversy by replacing it with new controversy. 

Also let us never forget on March 1st, 2013 when Trump tweeted, “Only the Obama White House can get away with attacking Bob Woodward.” Never forget that Trump is a New Jersey salesman, a man who’ll say anything that’ll benefit him so he can keep buying his cheap suits and spray tans.

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