Walker’s Landing, WA

December 13th, 2020

The game was in the fourth quarter by the time she’d finished, and she was actually sweating at what she’d done. It wasn’t disgust, or fear, or anything else that might have undone her. It was the simple act of driving the nail punch home each and every time into a squirming body, missing her mark so many times, and then at times having to remind Terrence that she could always tamp the gag back in his mouth with the hammer, though he would have to contend with losing a few teeth to the process. That had quieted him until she’d started in with the nail punch again.

As she’d promised she had started with his toes, breaking the nails, the tips, and then moving up in increments until she was certain that he was effectively hobbled. It took several attempts since he kept trying to kick at her, which prompted her to smash his already savaged toes with the ball end of the hammer. A couple of them had exploded like overripe tomatoes since they’d already started to swell up by the time she’d gotten to his ankles, and the screams he’d tried to let loose had been absolutely horrible.

By the time she’d gotten to his kneecaps however she’d had to admit that she wasn’t going to be able to break every bone, since too much flab covered some of them and the angle he was at simply wouldn’t allow her to get to his fingers without rolling him over. Of course she didn’t use the nail punch the entire time, as that would have taken far too long and the crack of bone as it was met with a surface much harder than itself was far more satisfying. Each time she’d felt bone give way she could feel the voice inside as it was thrilled at what she was doing. It didn’t speak another word for the entire ordeal, but she could feel its elation.

Hayden was getting justice, as was she, and despite the horrific manner in which it was being taken she felt at peace. Terrence wouldn’t be hurting anyone else, ever again. She’d taken her nail punch to his testicles, the clawed end of the hammer to his penis, and then for good measure she’d bashed his entire manhood systematically with the ball of the hammer just to insure that it would never do any further harm. The smell coming from the man was horrendous as he’d lost control of his bladder, but it was still a good feeling, as she was doing what she’d set out to do.

And plus, the Seahawks were winning.

(to be concluded)

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