I won’t be going into numbers and statistical data concerning teachers since I don’t have those numbers and don’t want you skimming through them to get back to the text. What I’ll say is that teachers are highly undervalued in our society no matter what is said and what is believed. Their living wages aren’t nearly as great as they need to be in comparison to how important their jobs really are. Instead our society pays others that don’t do nearly as much higher wages and salaries and choose to allow people with little to no education to quibble about making $15/hr for flipping burgers and mopping floors.

Teachers are an important part of our society for many reasons, but largely because they choose a path that not everyone can tread and many choose not for their own reasons. Being a teacher is not a thing of ease nor is it something that many people flock to because they think it will make them rich. There is little to no real money in teaching unless one knows how to save or finds a position that is highly lucrative thanks to their level of education and expertise. In other words finding a teaching job that pays well is like finding that proverbial needle in the haystack. It’s possible, but don’t expect to happen continuously.

Teachers are the reason we learn as much as we do.

It has to do with more than just the lessons that they’re required to teach us to improve our competency so that we might become skilled and productive members of society. At some point in our lives our education becomes our own responsibility and at that point teachers seem to become irrelevant to various people. But in all honesty teachers are about more than the lessons they give out. They’re their to show us how to think for ourselves, how to exist outside the box that society continuously wants to put us in, and how to persevere when things get hard.

That’s what they’re supposed to be for, but being undervalued has a way of turning even the best teacher into a rather cynical individual that fails to see the point any longer. Those that remain strong of will are those that are to be valued, and there are plenty of those left.

Their wages deserve to be higher as they’re doing the job that many others don’t want.

Teaching isn’t easy, and if anyone ever says it is then they’ve never done it. Various aspects of the job might seem simple and it might even come natural to some individuals that don’t see it as that much of a challenge. But the overall fact is that teaching is not easy. An individual has to deal with many different attitudes, issues, and personalities per day and must keep them all in order so as not to confuse one student with another. They must also pay attention to those students in the various ways that are needed in order to maintain their social, emotional, and psychological development as well as their educational needs. A teacher has to wear many hats, so it’s only feasible that they be paid the kind of money that is needed for them to fully function in such a capacity.

Teacher’s don’t need to be made instant millionaires, but it would be nice if they were granted more than just a living seeing as how they do more than just teach.

Where is our nation going without teachers?

Someone has to teach each new generation that’s making their way up in the world, as many individuals are simply struggling to keep a roof over their heads and food in their children’s bellies. Not paying those that are teaching the kids how to do this for themselves eventually through various means makes no sense. If a child has no teacher to show them the way and relies upon a parent that’s too busy or too tired to deal with it then their education will eventually suffer and so will their chances of doing anything to better their lives.

Teachers are the guides that children need to become who they want to be.

Let’s start paying our teachers what they’re worth, not what we THINK they’re worth.

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