Noise, words, and colors. That seems to sum up what entertainment is to some people despite the fact that they enjoy their own batch of it in a different way. Those that love staring at the wall or nothing at all seem to agree that the noise is one of the most troublesome aspects of entertainment, and yet they’ll still enjoy their own brand, won’t they? It should be the easiest thing in the world to agree that entertainment among human beings is something that we’ve enjoyed since before we knew anything more about the world than we do now. In fact entertainment can sometimes be something so mundane and pointless that it might seem utterly boring and useless to anyone else. But it keeps those that see it as interesting entertained all the same.

The various forms of entertainment that have been used and used again throughout the centuries have evolved in some very profound ways, but throughout it all entertainment has been important largely because it gives us something to focus on other than the fact that we’re born, we live, and eventually we die.

It breaks up the monotony and makes us realize that there’s more to life than just living.

It gives us a reason to keep going.

Waking up each day you know that there are certain things you have to do to keep on with your life and to keep it engaging enough to continue. Otherwise some humans would simply go to sleep and never wake up likely. But the idea that there’s something else out there to break up the monotony is intriguing since it gives a person the thought that they might be able to find some enjoyment in a day where they do nothing but work and attempt to earn enough to go on living their lives the same as always. Entertainment offers something different that gives people a nice little distraction from their everyday grind and allows them to believe in something other than the continual back and forth day they’re used to.

It’s a world that you don’t have control over but one that you don’t need to stress about, and that’s very pleasing to some people from a psychological mindset.

It gives us something to believe beyond our own world.

While we know very well that much of what we see in the entertainment industry is simple fiction and not meant to be taken seriously, it still gets our minds jogging as we try to sort out just might be possible and how it could be brought into our reality, if such a thing is feasible. Imagination is the birthplace of entertainment as it sparks the creative drive that humanity possesses in droves and gives us license to do what we want in order to bring the unreal to life.

What the imagination brings to the public is what we want to see in real life, and in some ways this has already happened.

Entertainment makes us stronger as a species.

It can make us weaker as well if taken in too great a dose, but by giving us something to believe in and something to aspire to entertainment creates a surge of confidence, self-esteem, and positive emotions that make people work harder towards their goals. From music to movies to TV to everything in-between and outside, entertainment allows us to believe that anything is possible and in doing so drives us harder and further than we would have ever dreamed was possible.

Just being entertained sparks the creativity of one’s imagination and gets the wheels turning. Once that happens it’s hard to stop, providing one would ever want to.

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