A lot of us know that we won’t be famous and we don’t try. We do our best to get through our lives and make it work until the end, providing for those we feel the need to and making sure that we’re able to get up each day and keep going. What is fame anyway? It’s supposedly one of the greatest things in the world to be famous and it’s apparently something more than a boring life that some claim is the most horrible thing in the world. But in some ways it’s more like a gilded cage that you don’t get away from unless you simply give up and walk away.

Some of those famous people that have taken it with as much grace as possible have managed to live rather good lives, but the life of a truly famous person seems too constrained, too itemized, and in some cases far too exposed to become anything other than a walking tabloid cover just waiting to happen. Obviously many make it work and have chosen a life of fame that works for them. But instead of fame it seems that a peaceful life spent in the warmth of those that care about you and a life in which you can go anywhere without being mobbed is far preferable.

Those that aren’t famous don’t need to worry about paparazzi after all.

Imagine cameras being clicked continuously around you if you step out to get so much as a gallon of milk or anything else. The idea of reporters and journalists having scouts and other underlings following your every move seems rather confining as well as a bit creepy. It seems far better to be able to move through the world rather than wonder at times if you’re being watched simply because of your name and what you’ve done.

When a non-famous person makes a mistake it’s not spread all over the papers.

Unless it’s something that’s worthy of a headline then the average person will be able to deal with their problems without having to answer reporters as to what was going through their minds at the time they did it. Some people would actually want this if only to show that what they’re doing is important, but the average person won’t care if they have a microphone shoved in their face unless they’re looking for attention. Living is meant to be done on your own terms.

We all desire something different.

Sometimes it’s best just to watch the show instead of being a part of it. The celebrities throughout the ages chose their life for the most part, and could have gotten out anytime they wanted. Those that complain about the stardom don’t get a lot of sympathy largely because they could have gone back to a normal life, but they wanted more. There’s no fault there, everyone has their own path, but if you’re going to walk your path then take what it offers and figure out what to do with it instead of whining that it’s not what you wanted.

Personally I’d settle for a nice home on the beach and books that sold on a regular enough basis to pay the mortgage.

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