Lake Merwin, WA

April 22nd, 2021

He’d thought he was free and in the clear for some time now, well removed from the lives he’d left and the people he’d left behind. But of course that had been a lot easier decades ago when he’d still been a younger man and knew how the world worked. At one point or another the world had gone and gotten itself in one damned big hurry and had found out how to track a person using nothing more than their shopping habits and a few bits of DNA that might have been left here and there in a careless manner. He’d never thought his own DNA would be the thing to get him in trouble, but only twenty years back he’d managed to come as close as he ever had to really messing up so bad that he couldn’t get out of it.

That had been in the early 2000’s when DNA was finally starting to come out as one of the premiere ways to really nail criminals and the like to the wall. It had already been used since the mid to late 80’s but by 2001 it had been something that could put a person away for life, or make it easier to slap a paternity suit on them. And yet he’d gotten away from it that time too, just by the skin of his teeth so to speak.

It was amazing all the things that DNA clung to, meaning that it clung to just about everything. It didn’t matter if you touched it, breathed on it, or just sat on something while sweating, a person that knew what they were doing could extract a DNA sample and make it stick in court if they really had to. Of course the great thing about DNA samples was that they could be contaminated or in some way mishandled, especially when a few extra dollars were tossed around to an underpaid lab tech. Of course it had been more than a few dollars that had been required, more like a few thousand, but the lab tech had taken the stand and at least told the truth that the specimen found in the woman that he’d supposedly impregnated was not his DNA. She’d lost her shit completely in the courtroom and had almost charged him. It had taken a small act of scooting away as quick as he could to get some distance and keep some fear in his eyes as she’d dashed towards him.

The court officers had restrained her however and he’d been let off the hook, again. That had been about the thirteenth time, and the last time that he’d bothered to do anything with a woman without a condom. It just wasn’t worth the trouble any more, but it had thankfully been worth the money he’d paid out. Still, by that time the searchers that had been coming after him hadn’t just been his bastard kids, it had been their children as well. Nothing seemed to bind family together like the common hatred they felt for one of their own, especially when looking at his path of wanton impregnation it seemed that he’d managed to pull members of different families and races together in a united hatred.

But of course, finding him had always been the problem since he’d always had a ready alias and plenty of capital to keep himself moving about. He hadn’t been stupid when leaving the Navy, he’d made good and sure that he would always have some sort of cash flow to depend on, and a series of homes and identities he could use. Those were actually the easiest things to obtain out of everything he currently owned.

(to be continued)

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