Walker’s Landing, WA

December 13th, 2020

His chair was rather comfy and to be honest she could have fallen asleep in it had she not been here on business. Dragging his limp body to the couch just a few feet away had been quite the chore, but gagging and binding him had been very simple. The knots she’d tied were courtesy of her time spent as a Girl Scout and the fact that her father was an avid fisherman and had taught his daughter all about knots when it came to lures and to tying his sailboat up to the docks. The knots she’d tied to secure her current captive weren’t terribly complicated but they were tight enough that he wouldn’t be going anywhere.

Munching on a pretzel from a bag that she’d found in his kitchen she wiped her lips with the back of her glove, not caring if crumbs fell since those that might come later on to check out the crime scene she would be calling in would likely think they were his. Of course she had no doubt that crime scene unit would be brought in to do a check and to survey the home from top to bottom, but again, she wasn’t too worried.

Looking over to her soon to be victim, whose name was Terrence Haime, she could see that his eyes were starting to flutter open, indicating that he was waking up finally. Both of his eyes had blackened up nicely after the square hit she’d managed to score on the bridge of his nose. The nose itself had swollen, as had his eyelids, and he was no doubt in a great deal of pain. But it was nothing like what he was about to endure.

Getting up from the recliner she checked behind her to see if she’d left any strands of hair on the seat, peering closely as she saw only one that she managed to pick up and tuck away as best she could. There could have been more but she didn’t see them, and besides, she had an alibi if police did find anything. Of course that was a big ‘if’. Walking over to stand in front of him she watched as Terrence opened his eyes fully and recoiled as he saw her, his eyes widening for just an instant before his nostrils flared and the flab above whatever muscles he had bunched in a very jelly-like way. Once he might have been a rather big and intimidating man, but time seemed to have turned a great deal of him soft.

But he’d still been strong enough to harm her daughter.

Take your time, the voice said, as though reading her thoughts. Don’t end it too soon. He has to feel everything.

She couldn’t agree more.

“You remember me, don’t you?”

He nodded, anger replacing the fear just a bit as he tried to squirm towards her. A well-placed boot to the midsection kept him in place and even elicited a groan from him as she put a bit of extra weight into the kick. She wasn’t a big or particularly strong woman but she worked out on a regular basis and managed to run a mile or two every other day.

“So here’s how it’s going to go,” she said, clucking her tongue before continuing, “I’m going to be using this nail punch,” she showed him the slim, tapered metal spike as she took it out of her pocket, ” and this hammer to break your toes. I’ll start with the tips and then move my way up. The more you squirm, the more bones I’m likely to break, or the more holes I’ll poke in your body. The trick is to stay still so I just break the bone and make it quick.”

He moaned, or yelled, at her through the gag, straining hard to get his muffled point across.

“There’s nothing you can say that’s going to stop me, and the moment I see a knee, or anything coming towards me, then I’ll just use the hammer, mkay?”

She’d already taken his boots and his socks off to reveal his beaten and hideous hammer-toed feet, and had bound his legs at the ankles, behind his knees, and had even tied a length of rope around his waist and threaded it around his upper thighs as well to restrict his movement as much as possible. His hands and elbows she’d tied behind him. She’d then gone ahead and taken the length of rope and tied it around his neck and then his waist, making a trap that would possibly tighten if he continued to struggle. She’d left some slack but not enough to really work with, and as he thrashed again his breathing changed as the rope around his neck tightened. She smiled at this and sincerely hoped that it hurt like hell.

Because it was just the beginning.

(to be continued)

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