In life we decide who we can trust and who we can’t, but it’s never a sure thing until that person decides that they can trust us as well. For some people trust extends as far as the passing moment and won’t be extended gladly to everyone since they can’t bring themselves to rely on others for anything other than those moments. The fear that they might be betrayed, that someone might hurt them, is simply too great to allow their walls to come down and open their hearts to those that might desire a more intimate bond.

Trust is earned after all, even when it seems to be freely given.

Children tend to give trust before adults do.

This is largely because children are innocent and don’t expect to be betrayed right away. Some kids unfortunately have learned a young age that people are not always to be trusted, and while these are hard lessons for any child to have to learn so young they are also important, so long as they are tempered with the idea that some people are worth trusting and others one is best to be wary of. Teaching children how to trust is a big step towards their further development and can allow them to make their own well-informed decisions on whether to trust someone or not.

Trust is earned, no matter if one gives it freely or not.

Think of trust as belonging to a merit system. It’s okay to trust people until you find out that you can’t. Not trusting anyone at all is a sure way to go through life living in fear and paranoia concerning those that a person has developed strong, negative feelings about for almost no good reason. Trusting those around you and being hurt or let down is a part of life that one has to go through in order to learn what trust really means and how they can apply it in a more reasonable and experience manner.

Being an island in a sea of humanity is appealing to some, but it doesn’t work as well as people think.

You can sequester yourself in the wilds or wherever you want without relying on anyone and without having to trust anyone, but as a human being you’re only harming yourself if you do. Trust is not something that has to be granted to everyone, but it’s a wise move to give it to at least a few. In this manner you allow yourself to remain connected to those that genuinely care about you and will come to your aid if need be or simply be there if you happen to need them.

Being alone and without the capacity to trust anyone in this world is a lonely and ultimately doomed existence.

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