Lake Merwin, WA

April 22nd, 2021

He’d even gotten a woman on the same ship pregnant, which hadn’t been a good idea since she’d pinned him as the father. Back in those days DNA tests hadn’t been possible and thankfully for him the woman had slept with at least four other men on the same ship and had been discredited on the spot. Of course it had meant a discharge for her, and a ruined career. For him it had been a mandatory stay in the brig for a while, but he’d weathered that just fine.

A few years later he’d been discharged, paid, and gone happily on his way without any further trouble. He’d slept around still when he’d had the chance since it had been the late 70’s and some people had still been nursing the hangover from the 60’s by doing whatever they could to enjoy the era of free love as long as it could last. Of course eventually that ‘free love’ wasn’t so free and by the 80’s it was starting to come with a cost that no one wanted to deal with.

Thankfully he’d missed out on the whole AIDS epidemic since he’d been getting more careful at that point and had been covering up when he’d had sex. A lot of women had rolled their eyes at him and called him a prude, but he wasn’t about to gamble with his manhood when he’d heard about people getting sick from having sex. Of course that wasn’t the worst he’d done, especially considering that he’d made a fortune in the early 80’s the old-fashioned way and had been forced to give over at least a portion of it to keep himself well away from the people that had been trying to find him.

Mostly it had been the women he’d slept with over the years and impregnated that had come tracking him down, seeking some form of recompense for the life he’d taken from each of them. But every now and again it had been loan sharks, hired thugs, and even a couple of hard-hitting bookies that had loaned him great sums of money only to watch it, and him, vanish with the wind when it had come time to pay up.

One thing he’d always been good at was disappearing, but it was a skill that, like him, hadn’t aged all that well in the past decade.

After all, his illegitimate grandkids had been the ones that had found him.

(to be continued)

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