It’s been said many times that one should never burn a bridge, but then again it’s also been said that people need to know when to walk away and not look back. The best way to do this and resist temptation is to burn that bridge altogether and rid yourself of a toxic relationship. There are some cases of course when it’s not so easy since there’s too much and too many people involved to make a clean break. Those situations don’t allow for the lack of communication and don’t give the option of simply walking away, though sadly some do. But in terms of the self and the relationship between someone that can be cut off without leaving any strings attached it pays to know when to maintain that metaphorical bridge and when to burn it down to ash.

Knowing the difference between the two and understanding when to take action is one of the most difficult parts of any relationship.

What harm is done if you burn the bridge?

Some people that bring nothing but struggle to your life need help, there’s no doubt about that. They might take and take and take and never give back, but letting them go could be hard since it might mean that you’re condemning them to a life that’s going to slowly kill them without you there. But you still have to step back and take a good look at what’s happening. Some friends in life will drag you down until you can no longer remember what it was like to live without their problems. They won’t try, they won’t rise when you help them, they’ll simply take you down to the depths of misery and despair because they need the company. In such cases it’s best to burn those bridges unless the person in question is willing to change. If they are then keeping that bridge maintained is a hard and sometimes lonely process, but it can bear fruit eventually. If they continue to drag you down however, then it’s time to light the match and watch it burn.

Don’t follow others willingly into misery and despair if they’re not willing to rise above it.

Is it even possible to maintain?

Keeping the lines of communication open is hard between people sometimes. We have busy lives, we don’t always get together, and sometimes years can go by before two people talk. But keeping the bridge between them is still important as many times there is still something to be gained by the relationship even if it lies dormant for so long. Those that won’t even bother to try are best left to crumble to ash and allowed to find their own way back into your company. Those that still remember enough to call or somehow get in contact with you are those that you might want to keep around.

The bridges between people are two-way remember, and so long as both parties communicate at least every once in a while it’s worth it to keep that connection.

Only a fool will willingly burn a bridge that could help them.

There are many reasons why people burn bridges and some do it without even thinking about it. They do so out of pride, hatred, misplaced envy, and numerous other reasons that are simply too ridiculous to name. But those that burn bridges for no good reason are usually those that don’t see the full value of them to begin with and can’t possibly understand what they’re losing at times.

Don’t burn a bridge if it helps you, even if you’re angry take the time to think before doing something rash.

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