It’s kind of tough sometimes getting to know an introvert since they don’t always make the effort to get out and meet people. Some do, some don’t mind the crowds even if they keep to themselves and become a wallflower, but a lot of introverts will agree that the real comfort they find and cling to is that inside their own head. Introverts are known for not liking big crowds or getting out all the time since a good book or a pleasing online conversation can be just as fulfilling, sometimes more so since it allows us to stay in our comfort zones.

That’s right, I’m an introvert, and throughout life I’ve known plenty of extroverts and been friendly with many and best friends with a few. An introvert will usually be kind of picky about who they want to hang around and welcome into their weird world since a lot us, not all mind you, tend to want to stick to our comfort zone and are very selective about who gets to wander in and out at their leisure. It’s not just anyone that can befriend and introvert, you have to be dedicated to the fact that we won’t always jump up and be ready to get out into the world at a moment’s notice. How we approach the world is done on our time and at our leisure.

But introverts can be great friends, and there’s a few reasons why.

Once you become an introvert’s friend they will make it a point to maintain the friendship.

Some people can take it too far and become a little obsessive but the introvert that really wants to be your friend will be happy to hear from you and genuinely interested in what you have to say. If they’ve let you in then you don’t need to worry over what they’re thinking about you or if they’re going to judge you based on this or that. They let you into their world, and that means you’re someone they feel they can trust. This means that it’s highly unlikely that they’ll say anything bad about you or try to stab you in the back, metaphorically-speaking. Introverts will tend to want to keep friendships largely because it’s a link to the world outside their head that they want but that doesn’t force them to constantly step out of their comfort zone.

They tend to be honest with their good friends.

Again, not all people can be said to do this, but we’re dealing with the best examples at this point so saying that introverts can be very honest and forthcoming with those they trust is pretty accurate. If you made it past their outer defenses and are seen as someone important and not just another face in the crowd then you can depend on them to be honest with you. In turn you can tell an introvert pretty much anything and have faith that they won’t reveal your secrets unless you say it’s okay. In some ways there are introverts that act like social depositories when you need to store your feelings, so long as you’re willing to go to the same lengths.

They’ll be open with you so long as you’re willing to show the same level of friendship.

Making friends with an introvert is not typically an unconditional thing. Remember they will still have that comfort zone that they’ll only leave on their terms. If you violate that then there’s a good chance that you won’t be let back in so easily, if at all. Introverts aren’t closed off and secluded from the world but they definitely don’t like having their space invaded and ripped apart by people that play it fast and loose with other people’s feelings. The moment you betray an introvert you might as well cross yourself off of their friends list since they’ll likely have trouble trusting you ever again. But if you’re willing to be ride or die with an introvert then you’ve made a friend for life that will stand with you through pretty much anything.

Having been an introvert all my life I can attest that each point is pretty valid, though obviously not every introvert will be the same.

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