The danger in expecting anything from anyone is the utter disappointment that might come as a result. People will let you down from time to time, it’s a given in life since no one can be perfect all the time and even those that mean to give you everything they have will falter now and again. Yet there are those that we expect a great deal from that still let us down and somehow it becomes a slight against us when such a thing happens, and insult that we can abide simply because it lets us down in a way that we didn’t expect.

Expecting too much of people is the problem.

When people start to expect things from one another it begins to build pressure on relationships no matter what nature they are. Someone expecting a great deal of another person can cause a great deal of stress upon a person that is almost never warranted or wanted. Expecting too much from those that aren’t ready to give as much as is expected is a good way to alienate yourself from people and become perpetually disappointed.

Many people worry about meeting their own expectations, they don’t need to worry about yours.

In the modern age the average person that works under another individual or for a corporation is already doing what they can to get their job done and be noticed for their efforts. Raising the expectations or instilling them with the idea that their job is on the line or that they have a performance report coming or anything of this nature might get them to work harder, but it will also cause some people to lose focus as they begin to worry over whether they’ll be fired for this or that. The expectation that is laid upon them at that point is to do the absolute best they can every minute out of every day, which in turn can cause some people to focus and others to crack.

Keeping your expectations low means that you might be in for a pleasant surprise.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t expect anything from anyone at all, but keep your expectations at a minimum in order to avoid outright disappointment. How much you can expect of a person all depends on if they know the job, if they’re proficient with it, and if they are consistent in delivering on saying what they can do. Many people are confident enough to say what they can do and prove it with their actions. However there are always those that talk a good game and then can’t back it up. Keep your expectations at a moderate to low level until someone proves what they can and will do and you’ll rarely be disappointed.

Those that aren’t continually pressured are often able to meet expectations more efficiently and consistently.

Expectations on others put a lot of pressure where it doesn’t need to be. People know what their job is, they know what they have to do, and even if they’re still learning they get the point when it comes to getting everything down and executing it without fail. Putting added pressure on them doesn’t help, but standing back and letting them learn and develop their own positive habits can grant them the ability to grow confident in what they can do and will often allow them to find the drive they need to continue forward in a positive and efficient manner.

Don’t expect too much out of people and you’ll be pleasantly surprised when they prove to you that they can exceed your expectations.

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