Walker’s Landing, WA

December 13th, 2020

She was about to move when she heard the creak of the front door as it opened. The voice that came barking out into the night was just as rough as it had been on the day he’d taken the stand and blatantly lied to the jury and to all those in the courtroom. But it almost seemed to have another quality that tinged the underside of each word. What was it?

It’s fear, said the voice within.

“I know you’re out there, and if you’re who I think you are then you can piss off and keep in mind that I’ve got the police department on speed dial. You come out now and we can handle this. Otherwise my finger might get a little twitchy and hit send.”

He’s bluffing, the voice said with all confidence, offenders like him don’t call the cops.

But there was a twinge of doubt that stabbed at her heart in that moment. What if he did have the cops on speed dial? It would make some kind of sense at least.

Then go home, the voice said. If you can’t handle this then go home.

“Well?” her target asked into the night. “Ah hell with this.

With a small amount of shock she realized that he was making his way onto the driveway and headed in her direction, taking the curve of the blacktop towards the road. Illyana thought quickly, but the voice, as always, indicated where she could go as he moved quickly and quietly. Thankfully his steps were loud enough that he didn’t seem to hear her as he came tromping forward. There was a low, two-rail fence in her path, separating the property from the road beyond, but she easily slid through the wide space between the rails, her parking making only a whisper of noise as she kept her eyes on the barely-visible form of her target as he huffed and puffed towards where he’d seen her.

She had only a moment to act as he made his way towards her former hiding spot, but she made good use of it as she dashed across the blacktop, hearing her heart thundering in her ears as she glanced just once behind her to see that he was slowly approaching the spot where she’d hidden, and was looking low upon the ground, trying to catch sight of her somewhere. It was only when he turned his back to the house, searching the other side of the road, that she safely slipped in through the open door he’d left behind him, disappearing from sight as she slipped into his home.

The hardest part was over.

(to be continued)

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