This is something a lot of people know but too many people still cling to when it comes to some of the most dangerous animals in the world. And to be honest these exotic animals you note in this clip are often some of the hardest to find simply because a lot of them tend to stay away from humans. Funny how that happens isn’t it? The ones that can kill us the most efficiently or with the greatest of ease are those that are likely just as scared of us as we are of them. Obviously some of them aren’t that frightened, but the idea that they keep to themselves and don’t always encroach on civilization is enough to think that they’re better off being left alone.

For some reason though humans never seem to get that idea and tend to do stupid things to provoke some of the most dangerous animals on the planet.

Much of their danger comes from entering their territory.

Mankind still hasn’t seemed to learn this lesson yet, and despite that we still act aggressively when someone enters our personal space, as it is seen as an act of aggression on some level that we can’t abide. What then is the difference between an animal and a human when it comes to invading personal space? If you enter someone’s home without knocking the chances are good that they will find a way to have you removed from their space. In nature, animals know to take care of their own space and simply bull rush or attack you until you leave.

Not many animals will seek humans out as prey.

This comes down to territorial disputes again, as when you’re in their territory they might very well see you as a food source. Those animals that are dangerous but don’t eat meat might just kill you and leave you for the scavengers, but those that are carnivores will no doubt look at you with a certain gleam in their eyes as they wonder what your kidney tastes like. Wild animals singling out humans isn’t a big thing unless they feel threatened or somehow infringed upon.

The funny thing is, people don’t always seem to get why animals are aggressive.

They’re wild animals to start with. They might have their social groups and their own distinctive mannerisms but they’re still far more instinctual in nature than human beings and therefore will try to avoid conflict most times. But if those people that go traipsing into their territory don’t leave or aren’t careful enough animals will take note and they will do whatever it takes to get you to leave, or to keep you around as a snack.

Animals aren’t stupid, they at least try to get away from humans. This is wise because quite honestly we’re one of the most dangerous species on the planet for a number of reasons.

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