I’m not talking about a fever that will keep you laid up in bed or make you feel as though you’d like to pass out in the next moment, oh no. This is a different type of fever, the one that keeps you wired, that keeps you active like caffeine could never do and settles upon your mind without warning at times when inspiration decides to hit. Artists know this feeling quite well, but it’s not limited to one group of people. Anyone and everyone can feel this fever when it descends upon them as it grips the mind and in some ways manipulates the individual like a puppet, a marionette that is for a fleeting time controlled by something they can’t fully define and yet don’t want to let go of since it’s something close to euphoria as they begin to follow the whims that such a feverish state brings.

This fever brings with it the kind of intuition and purpose that isn’t present as much as we’d like it to be but is so strong and so forceful that if it was there all the time we might very well burn out from the power it lends us while we’re caught in its grip. The fever descends often without warning and usually when you least expect it. When it does come however it’s best to just ride it out and let it carry you to whatever horizon it seeks so that it might depart once again.

When that fever grips you, it’s best to just hold on and let it take hold. Sometimes that’s how greatness begins.

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