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There are so many ‘hot button’ issues these days that speaking on anything seems to put a person in the hot seat no matter how they feel about something. It’s akin to walking on eggshells under which a series of needles has been concealed. You hit the wrong one and you’re getting needled for making that decision, and so on and so forth. Just to talk to anyone you need to find out first their stance on certain issues and who they voted for, otherwise you might make a slip and they’ll be all over you for your views and beliefs.

Thankfully it’s not always like this but if you want to talk to strangers then it might be. These days you never know who follows who, who believes in what, and who’s going to just yell at you because you said something you think is innocuous enough to pass.

It’s a weird world where we judge each other based on just about anything.

Most people don’t know and this is why a lot of people won’t talk to others in a shared space.

Unless it’s about something that’s completely inconsequential you likely won’t talk to someone on a bus, a train, or anything that puts you into close proximity with someone else. It’s just not safe enough to talk politics, religion, or anything that might have something to do with anything that might trace back to those subjects. The moment you slip up is the moment that time slows down and you can’t get away or shut up fast enough.

The moment something like this comes out it seems almost impossible for some people to be civil.

The hot button issues that people talk about from time to time seem to get some folks riled up beyond belief and past the sense of reason. Unfortunately it’s almost like verbal crack to some people as they can’t find a way to be civil or even mildly friendly. The shouting, the arguing, and the constant insistence that everyone else is wrong when a person states their beliefs is hard to deal with in any space, but it’s worse when they don’t even take the time to consider that people might agree with them on certain points.

Some people do this on purpose.

It’s like throwing a grenade into a room and then dashing out before you have to deal with the fallout. Some individuals actually seem to get off on this behavior and will do so simply to see who falls for it and who yells the loudest. Yes, people are this demented.

It’s a strange world we live in when we’re judged when we open our mouths.

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