Walker’s Landing, WA

December 13th, 2020

The road was covered in a fine skein of icy particles but thankfully it wasn’t slick. She’d worn a pair of hiking boots just in case and would be burning them soon after she was done here. She knew that one way or another that there would be enough evidence to link her to this, but she was going to do her best to think of everything that wasn’t shown on programs like CSI or NCIS. She was only fooling herself to think that the law wouldn’t check to see just who had eliminated this walking piece of garbage.

That’s right, the voice said, dehumanize the bastard. He’s not worth the term ‘human’.

She knew that, and was fully ready to deliver the justice that the legal system hadn’t seen fit to dish out. In the pockets of her parka she had very simple tools that she’d brought along with her, a simple claw hammer stuck in the inner pocket and a nail punch, along with a utility knife that she meant to put to good use.

The neighborhood around her was dark for the most part thankfully, as any one of the windows she saw as she walked down the slight incline could have held someone that felt the need to look outside at that moment. As she came up on the house she was looking for however, a two-story home overlooking the water, her rage began to build with each passing step. There was smoke coming from a metal chimney atop the house, indicating that he was indeed home, and there were a few lights on inside as she could see from a safe distance. There were no cars in the drive, and as far as she knew he didn’t have anyone else in his life.

As she crept up slowly on the property she stood by the FOR SALE sign that had been posted just outside the fence at the front of the driveway, peering through the branches of the spindly bushes and barren trees that obscured most of the view. She could see motion from inside as her target passed the front window of his home, presumably off to do or retrieve something she was guessing. He paused however as he came into sight, frowning as he began to turn in the direction of the window.

She hunkered down, out of sight, hidden behind the bulk of the bushes where she couldn’t possibly be seen in the dark. Keeping herself down she realized that it was moments like these in the movies when the person being stalked either figured that they were being ridiculous or started preparing for an invade. Being that he had to have been thinking that he was a marked man in some regard she had no doubt that he would be doing the latter. That was why she was going to be smarter about this.

She’d seen Kill Bill vol. 2 after all.

(to be continued)

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