Some would insist that writing is all about skill and hard-won talent, but in truth if you have talent and you’ve studied, you could be successful. But there’s nothing saying you will be a great writer. Some of the greatest writers in the world are those that have simply felt the need to write, no matter what it was, no matter if it was fluff or crap. They wrote and they still write because they have something to say, a story that needs to get out and onto the page so it can stop rattling around in their head.

Instinctive writing can be very messy without training. On it’s own without any discipline it will disregard grammar, syntax, and any and all other rules that have been imposed upon any written language. Instinct is to write, but without the training to go with it then there is nothing more than the feeling to tell the story, to relay it to someone in some way that can be understood and enjoyed, passed on, or even continued. Instinctive writing is the burgeoning fire in the mind of the writer that is the fuel, the forge, the unformed words that are ready to spill forth onto the page and become something that could shine like a mirror into the soul of the writer if they learn how to harness such a skill.

Without the desire, the drive to write, many writers will come to find that writing is a grind that will wear them down word by word, page by page, until there’s nothing left.

Write with passion, with fire, and with heart, and it will never be just a job.

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