Ever just sat down to write and had to pause because a random thought gets in the way and won’t leave? It’s a natural occurrence to anyone really when you’re trying to do something that takes even the slightest bit of concentration. A stray thought pops into your head, it could be anything really from a bit of nonsense that you remembered from however long ago to a chore that you need to do in the next few minutes. But it does tend to get in the way of what you want to do now.

Writing is plagued by moments such as these, especially when the writer wants to just sit down and start to write. There are many ways to get around it obviously but no matter what you do the thoughts will continue to come and the best way to get around them is to just accept that they will come and deal with them accordingly.

Don’t plan out a time to write, because that’s when things tend to happen.

It sounds odd since not planning out a time to write leaves it up in the air as to when you really WILL get to writing. But the more you plan the more life tends to step in and say “Oh, well I think we’ll do things a different way”. Some people are great at planning and don’t have this issue since they tend to control as much as they can throughout their day and learn how to adapt to whatever doesn’t want to go their way. But the moment you start planning the realization needs to be that anything and everything will begin to happen the moment you sit down and attempt to concentrate.

Try not to dictate how your writing will go.

In some cases this is impossible since depending upon the type of writing you’re doing you might very well need to dictate every last thing so that it flows nicely on the page and is as professional as it needs to be. But if your writing isn’t for a formal or business purpose and is for your own enjoyment then let it loose. Let your subconscious mind be your guide as you navigate the winding ways of the poem, the short story, the novel, and so on and so forth.

Try not to think so hard.

In fact, do what you can to stop thinking and let your fingers take over no matter if you have a pen and paper, a typewriter, or a keyboard. Just let things flow as they will and see what comes out. The latter part of writing is what editing is for, so don’t worry if you make mistakes, they happen. But stop thinking and let the story take its course, you’ll be surprised no doubt what might come out of your head if you let it loose for a bit.

Thoughts get in the way, give them a rest for once when you start to write.

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