Washougal, WA

May 2nd, 2019

The good feeling he’d had this morning was struggling to remain as he watched his mother and his father speaking to his uncle. His aunt was currently in bed resting, having grown too tired to walk about the house or even set foot outside her room. He’d spoken to his cousins, the two that were here at least, and found out that not only had the younger of the two lost all control of her daughter, but that she’d moved in and then back out of her parents’ home twice in the past two years and been through three different jobs until she’d found the one she currently had now. At the very least she was doing well enough, but her daughter was a rebellious wreck.

The proof of this lay in the fact that she’d told them just the night before that the teen had first taken and then crashed her mother’s car as he’d been texting while driving. She was alright, but she’d been taken in by the police, who had called her mother in turn. He didn’t know what to think about this as he’d watched her grow from infancy to middle school before they’d lost touch. It was another hard blow that he hadn’t been ready for, but then it wasn’t about his feelings at this point.

“Tony?” called his older cousin, Corrin, “Mom is asking if you’re here. She wants to talk to you. Do you want to?”

Tony looked at his wife, who merely nodded that yes, he should go in, at least to pay his respects. It still felt wrong to him, a goodbye that shouldn’t have come so soon. But it was something he could no longer avoid. Following Corrin he made his way down the hall to the room that his aunt and uncle shared, the memories striking him like pelts of ice with each step he took. He could recall when they’d first bought this home, how different it had been, and he could recall how it had been changed throughout the years.

The memories seemed hollow at this point, almost ghostly, and he didn’t care for it.

Not one bit.

(to be concluded)

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