Mashed up writings from August 27th, 28th, and 30th

Already my predictions are going sour, on August 11th accusations of domestic abuse were levied at Keith Ellison. Keith of course denied these accusations but who fucking wouldn’t. However, these accusations won’t go away, with the DNC even launching an investigation. No matter how valid or invalid these claims are this gives Keith to many strikes to be a viable candidate even in the primaries. His close connections to Louis Farrakhan and domestic abuse allegations are too much controversy to even stand a chance in the primaries despite past strong endorsements from Bernie Sanders. 

So with Keith now clearly out of the picture are there any other Democrats who stand a viable chance. Sadly not, Bernie Sanders was too old last election and Kamala Harris is far to liberal on every issue for the tastes of most Americans. She is virtually uncaring about illegal immigration which won’t win her key states that showed they prefer Trump style immigration policy. Harris also pushes for the absurd 15 dollars an hour minimum wage, not that the minimum wage doesn’t need to be raised but nearly doubling it is not sane economics. Lastly, she is in the free college camp which surprisingly a lot of American do not support, you think people would want free shit but maybe its an issue of government spending, or maybe the potential for students to put less effort into college because it is free, who knows. Either way, she is earning herself a lot of popularity as I write this leading the charge against the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Kavanaugh. But this push will only hurt her in the eyes of many undecided voters who will see her as conspiring against the Republican party. 

Now why would I say Keith Ellison was viable and not Kamala Harris, they basically hold the same viewpoints. Its simple, Keith would have had the Bernie Sanders endorsement, and Democrats love Sanders he is the party’s Mick Jagger. Tons of Democrats would have voted for Keith on Sanders word alone, especially if Keith stayed on the Sanders message. Not to say Keith would have won as a presidential candidate, he would have been demolished George McGovern style, but Keith would have had a chance at a close win in the DNC primary solely with a Sander endorsement and not being dickhead. Turns out Keith may be a massive dickhead. I didn’t mention Keith’s strong ties with Sanders in my writings on August 9th because they didn’t come to mind then. But now that Keith is out of the race it will be interesting to see who Sanders will endorse. 

Also within recent events there is some good news coming from the DNC, superdelegates cannot vote on first ballots only the second. This greatly limits the power of superdelegates which is a good thing, because superdelegates are awful in every way, the DNC should get rid of them altogether, they do not represent DNC voter as shown by their strong bias towards Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. Not that the Clinton wasn’t the favorite amongst DNC voters, but the manner in which superdelegates votes did not correlate with the manner in which registered Democrats voted. It is not clear if this move will gain help gain the vote of disgruntled Democrats and swing voters however, it does show that the old guard of the DNC is losing power. This decision to change the superdelegates happened mostly due to push by the Bernie Sanders voting base, showing once again the political influence Sanders has over the DNC. Sanders word alone may decide the fate of the DNC, Sanders may get to decide who will go into the gauntlet against President tiger hair. 

But still I find myself in a depressing state with crushed cans of Bud-light littering my floor with a text from Miss Doom and Gloom herself. I was told to respond with caution, but in my mind caution is for the wind or however that expression goes. My head is throbbing and I suppose political writings could provide a continued distraction from the thumping.  

With all the firm statements Trump made stating how America needs to get out of Afghanistan and how moronic American involvement in Afghanistan is, we are still in Afghanistan. Not only that, but has Trump increased the American military presence and force in the region, sure its not to Obama levels, but air strikes and troops are on the rise from 2016. When will people learn this region cannot be controlled by anything other than scattered tribes, the British Empire, the Soviet Union, and now the United States cannot corral Afghanistan? It almost seems like a requirement for a modern superpower to wage a war in Afghanistan, when American efforts do finally fail in Afghanistan, I know China will eventually try there militaristic hand at the region, but thats not a concern now.  

It is amazing that the Trump base believes Trump has fulfilled all his promises, look in any comment section of a Fox News video, despite clear evidence of Trump going about the exact opposite of his word. Not to say that every president doesn’t break promises and sometimes promises must be broken for the greater good, and this is not always the fault of presidents, sociopolitical circumstances create situations where all promises cannot be fulfilled. But in the case of Afghanistan, Trump went out of his way to go against his word, yet, he has not lost an ounce of trust within his base, his base still views Trump as fully honest and fulfilling of every single one of his promises. Trump rambles, babbles, and spews so much random shit out of his mouth there is no way he could fulfill everything he has said. 

Most of all I am amazed that Trump has maintained his evangelical support despite his sex scandals and being well known playboy of sorts. Christ, the man can’t even correctly pronounce the books of the Bible, “two Corinthians three seventeen, thats the whole ball game,” will always remain a personal favorite statement from Reverend Trump. The man is also on record comparing the Bible to the Art Of The Deal. Trump’s behavior doesn’t appear very Christ like, but I haven’t been to church in some time so maybe things changed dramatically since my absence. An entire book in itself could be written about how Trump miraculously dominated the evangelical vote and will be do so again.  

Trump continues to be correct when he made the famous 5th avenue murder statement, no matter what occurs Trump cannot lose his base, it doesn’t matter the accusation, scandal, or lie, Trump will not lose his base. 

Shit, these writings are just making throbs and thumps even harder, I’m not sure what sort of line of thinking made me think writing about Afghanistan would provide a calming effect. And still no response from Miss Doom and Gloom herself, well I just hope I don’t vomit too much in the morning. 

It is morning now, my stomach is in complete discomfort yet there I don’t feel the semblance of a headache. There is a point I wanted to make yesterday before I passed out on the edge of my couch about delusion, and that is the delusion of the progressive base. 

Progressives are winning elections, at smaller scales, but smaller elections equal passionate voters, those vote at the national level tend to be laissez faire they don’t vote for passion or a political extreme they vote for safety. The progressive platform works very well at a local scale, but on the national stage it is seen as too extreme. Progressives think they’ll dominate the 2020 election just like they thought Clinton would win key states in 2020. Some of these delusional fuck wads even thought Clinton would win Texas, fucking Texas, a state where even the hipsters lean right, Austin is still far more conservative than most Americans give it credit for. 

Progressives blame their loses on gerrymandering which is true in part, truly gerrymandering causes everyone to lose mostly keeping those in power in charge. But I had a progressive insist to me that a progressive could win in Arkansas if it weren’t gerrymandered to shit. Look, I don’t care how you cut up Arkansas, you’ll still end up with a state that as red as a  Crimson Tide fan with a bad spray tan. 

Progressives also think Bernie Sanders will run again, I doubt this, but I hope I am proven wrong, I would definitely put my vote toward Sanders. Progressives are 100 percent certain that they’ll see a Sanders ticket, I see him vying heavily for a younger Democrat with very similar view. Again this could be national suicide for the Progressives if Sanders, the poster child of the progressive movement loses to such a controversial incumbent. I’m not sure the DNC or the Progressives want to take this risk, because if they win with a lesser candidate against an incumbent it would do wonders to bring people back to the DNC. With a progressive win with a non-Sanders candidate the Democrats would be seen as a strong party with a new and exciting movement. But a loss with a non-Sanders candidate would cause progressivism to be seen as an experiment on the rise. Why take the risk of political seppuku when Progressives have the White House on lock after the 2024 campaign, but that is not to my concern now. My concern now is cleaning my sink which now resembles a bowl of old oatmeal. 

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