Walker’s Landing, WA

December 13th, 2020

There was a risk in her plan that she couldn’t avoid, and it had to do with the neighborhood she was rolling into even now. Surely her target was already aware of being a marked man, animals like him didn’t often live that long if they didn’t watch their backs every so often. But the dead end that she was driving towards even now was a problem since this was not a heavily-trafficked areas as far as she’d seen, and the residents likely knew enough about each other and their comings and goings that a different car would be noticed and no doubt raise a few flags.

But she wondered just how likely it was that the neighbors would really care what she was here to do. Of course they would, her rational mind reasoned, this was their home after all and no one wanted violence done upon their home. Even if the neighbors had shunned him they would still be likely to call the police if anything seemed too out of place. That was why she kept moving, cruising around the end of the road as she pointed the car the other way and started driving out of the neighborhood once again.

For all they knew she could have taken the wrong road, and was trying to find someone’s home for other reasons that had nothing to do with mayhem of any sort. It was what she had to work with and she was going to use it.

Ilyana drove up the road and away from her target until the house was well out of sight and she found a parking spot she could use that was well away from any home and hidden behind a large hedge that ran for nearly a hundred yards and was high enough to hide the car from most prying eyes. No doubt someone would remember the vehicle after her target had been found. It was one of the few wrinkles in her plan, but she was working on an explanation as she sat there, willing herself to move.

He hurt your daughter, the inner voice said, he deserves to die.

“No,” she said quietly, calmly, “Death isn’t enough.”

You’re right, the voice said, he has to feel pain. Pain unlike any he’s ever felt before.

“How do I start?” she asked the empty car.

Simple, said the voice, you start by getting out of the car.

(to be continued)

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