Just because answers seem due:

To be honest Heaven will never be a ghost town because You seem willing to forgive just about anyone, it’s us humans that don’t seem to understand why since we know the evils we do, just as You do. Heaven will never be ghost town unless You look away, and from the scripture tells us, that doesn’t happen very often.

You sound like a parent at this point, and right now all that can be said is that there is a time when children no longer have time for their parents, unless their parents have made the time for them. Even then children have to experience things on their own from time to time, much as we’ve been doing for a long, long time.

Perhaps You’re not listening to the uncounted number of times people call upon You as we’re told You are. If You were then You would know very well that millions upon millions of people call upon You more than 60 seconds out of the day, and many give praise to You quite often.

Sigh, praising You is what many people do the moment they wake up. It would be easy to ask if You are listening, but of course you are. Aren’t You?

A parent doesn’t ask for their children to praise them continuously, but will encourage them go out and have a life. Humans have a life in which God is always there and always a part of what they do for good or ill. So the bars and clubs expand, that doesn’t take away the time for prayer from any set of lips.

A celebrity is on the ground and hardly needs to be worshiped. Holding close to You is what many do and some aspire to.

When doors open it is our choice to go through them, You in Your infinite wisdom gave us that choice, and at times seem to bemoan doing such a thing. The cat’s out of the bag as they say, and free will is our blessing from You as well as our downfall. Like any patient and worrying parent, You must adhere to the choices that You made, just as Your children must.

If we are made in God’s image, then it’s fair to say that God is fallible, no matter how any person wants to argue the logic of it.

-feeling argumentative, but reflective

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