So much press has been concerned with what Donald Trump and his cabinet have been doing since the last election that it seems Hillary Clinton, the only heavyweight that could even contend with Trump, has been largely forgotten. It’s easy to think that what she’s been doing lately has had a lot to do with trying to recoup from the loss and find another way to make her voice heard by the masses as she plans to stay in politics. But at this point unless any of her followers are willing to still stand up for her, which many still are, it would seem that anything she might say is going to come off sounding a little salty in relations to Trump.

Apparently she has no desire to run for the presidency again.

It would almost seem that the race left a sour taste in her mouth and the loss was the most bitter she’s ever had to swallow. So many people felt that she should have been the one in office at this point that it’s still a heavy blow to those that couldn’t believe the chain of events that came about. At this point she’s ready to hang up her chances for the next presidency and just focus on saying what she has to say to help balance the government out while staying well away from the next election.

She parted ways with Harvey Weinstein in 2017.

In 2017 she spoke out against Harvey Weinstein when the scandal hit, though Weinstein had been a big supporter of the Democrat party for quite some time. He even supported Clinton’s campaign for a while, but she was ready to be quit of him it seemed when things turned sour. It was a smart move honestly as she didn’t want their association to stain her chances of becoming president. But the thought remains as to how much she really knew about Weinstein and the things he’d done, especially considering the level of intelligence and background checks that politicians are reputed to be able to tap into.

She’s adding to the fire that’s swiftly consuming America.

Her followers and supporters will say that she’s speaking out against a tyrant but in truth she’s one of those that is constantly fanning the flames rather than trying to push for any real change. Her continued criticism of Trump, though well-founded, is not helping the nation as right now her efforts are basically kicking dirt on a forest fire that’s grown out of control. If she wants to help it might be wiser to find a stronger candidate to back and work on grooming them to take over when 2020 arrives.

So basically she’s back to doing what she was doing before deciding to push for the presidency.

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