Remind me when the day came that we couldn’t ride our bikes outside from dawn to dusk, when the only time we really had to come in was for lunch or when it was raining, or when it was nighttime and we had to be in for dinner.

Remind me when we stopped trusting in our leaders, those pillars of the country that are supposed to have our backs and serve us just as we serve others.

Remind me when it was safe to go out as a kid and not worry about a random stranger trying to abduct us and do God knows what to us in a van or a secluded spot.

Remind me what it was like to walk down your street, wherever it was, and feel completely at ease.

Remind me when things didn’t cost much despite the fact that you didn’t make much. When gas was less than a dollar a gallon and you could carry home a full bag of groceries for $20 or less.

Remind me when school was considered to be the best way to get ahead and was also considered a privilege for those that really wanted it, not a joke for those that wanted to skip in and out of it at their leisure.

Remind me when people were grateful for a day’s pay because it meant the opportunity to take care of their family and themselves, not party the weekends away and buy stuff they didn’t need to satisfy trends that were flat out ridiculous.

Remind me when it was okay to confront a bully and handle your business rather than have to listen to a keyboard cowboy try to act tough.

Remind me when the world made sense, because it’s slipping away from that mooring with every passing year.


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