It might be that he’s getting boring, it’s just that he’s getting too predictable and too common, and that’s the scary part. His outbursts and his manner towards many people in this country seems to have changed not a bit since taking office and it doesn’t seem bound to change at all. His term has so far been a reality show mixed with a soap opera nightmare and in some ways people are getting tired of it if they haven’t been already.

So the reason he’s getting boring is pretty simple: he’s an easy target. Republicans and Democrats might actually cause the gears of government to grind and scrape as they agree on this much since Trump has been causing a lot of people grief since he took office and for all the good he’s done, which is hard to see thanks to his imposed madness and ability to alienate everyone, he’s a very easy scapegoat for many in the nation when it comes to the many ills in their lives.

Here’s just a few reasons talking about Trump is really boring at this point.

People use him as an excuse for how their lives are going.

It’s easy to admit that the POTUS is responsible for the American people and how the nation is run, but he doesn’t control each and every one of us and how we live our lives from day to day. If he does, then he has too much power and it’s time to remove him for someone that will realize that they’re a servant as much a they’re a leader. Obviously Trump doesn’t realize this all that well but if you allow him to ruin your day just by remaining in office then you’ve got larger problems that you need to deal with.

Don’t blame the president for something that only you can fix in your life.

His madness is about as troublesome as a child throwing a tantrum.

So yes, admittedly he’s a little more dangerous than a child since he’s got the ability to declare war and unleash a nuclear arsenal but he’s also less than worrisome since there are so many checks and balances in the system that going to war would be one of the last things he’d probably have the guts for. It’d likely rob him of a lot of business partners to be honest, and unfortunately for Trump he seems like all bark and no bite. No one wants a war at this point, and if he were to start one his impeachment would be a certainty at some point.

Starting a war because you feel like it isn’t exactly what the POTUS is supposed to do.

His followers are going to back him up no matter what he says or does.

It doesn’t matter how bad it gets or what he says or what he does, those that think Trump is so great are going to find a way to excuse his behavior. It wouldn’t matter if he kicked a crippled puppy in the middle of a crowded New York intersection where thousands of onlookers could see, they’d find a way to justify it because they’ve invested so much in this man that condemning him basically turns their beliefs on their head, and many people simply can’t deal with this.

They’ll back him to the end, or until he openly states that they’re the sheep he always thought they were.

So yeah, he’s boring at this point because he’s shown his hand and it’s not a winner.

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