Olympia, WA

December 13th, 2020

Firing up her car she let it warm up as she set the data she’d retrieved into the Garmin she’d purchased just a few days ago. She was taking as many precautions as she knew how since right now if the bastard she was after went missing she would be the prime suspect. She wondered if he even thought about her or her daughter, though that kind of thinking only led her to a much darker place that she wanted to keep to a minimum until she actually got to Walker’s Landing, where she’d learned he lived and had recently put his house up for sale.

She could just imagine that his neighbors were either debating whether not he was worth knowing at this point or if it would be better to run him out of the neighborhood. The For Sale sign she’d seen in front of his house when she’d gone by in a rental car just last week seemed to indicate that he was beating them to the punch by moving on under his own power. No doubt he’d be seeking somewhere else to go now that he’d been put on trial for molesting and assaulting a 12-year old girl that he had no business being near.

Her heartbeat quickened a little as she thought of how little time it had taken him to abduct her daughter and do what he’d wanted, and how savage he must have been while….while…..


Shut that part down, an inner voice told her. It won’t help to dwell on it, just shut it down, and get moving.

Feeling her anger build up a bit more she finished inputting the address and leaned back in her seat, her mind clear and her heart cold as she thought about nothing but what was coming to the man she was about to go see.

He didn’t know it, but Death was on its way. It would have to wait it’s damn turn though, because she had first dibs.

(to be continued)

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