If you haven’t figured this out by now in life, people exist on different wavelengths. What makes sense to one person will mystify another, and what seems rational to one person is completely insane to another. It’s a matter of perception of course, at least a lot of it is, but it’s also a matter of how we see the world, beyond perception, and how it makes sense to us.

Obviously a birds-eye view wouldn’t make much sense to a fish would it? Think about that for a moment.

We view our world through various filters that we use while we’re growing up.

These filters could be anything we’re subjected to as kids. It could be anything or anyone in our environment that helps us to develop these filters, and they tend to stay with us as we develop, and they’ll develop along with us as our perceptions change and our life experience continues to accrue. One thing you need to know about filters and how they work is that they’re how people process the world and how they react to it in a way that they’ve been taught or that they’ve learned on their own. Some people seem to have no filter when things come out of their mouths, but this is largely because they have a much looser filter than many and will process whatever they take in and dish it right back out at the same volume.

The tighter, or more disciplined your filters, the more you’ll tend to think about things before blurting them out.

Don’t try to rationalize a lifestyle you have absolutely no experience with.

This happens often and with increasing frequency when someone thinks they have a good handle on the lifestyle of another person. It’s horribly easy to do as well since anyone can make assumptions. But if you don’t know what’s going on in someone’s lifestyle and have never lived it, experienced it, or even been around it then it’s wiser to stay quiet about it than it is to make wild and unfounded assumptions as to what people that experience that lifestyle are feeling, will say, or how they’ll react to the world around them.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a psychologist or a psychiatrist, if you’ve never walked in that person’s shoes you won’t ever know how they view the world.

Some people revel in madness, while some rest easy in logic.

This is pretty common knowledge but there are still those that tend to want to disagree and offer a different opinion. That’s fine, that’s their prerogative, but one thing needs to be made abundantly clear: people are usually just fine with what they know and will change if they feel the need.

After all, we’re all mad here, some of us are just better at hiding it.

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